Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Final Cut - Video

So, this is me keeping my promise. Check out the video guys and thanks for following!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Day

My final day across the Atlantic. I'm going to spend it watching Karate Kid, playing with baby Freya, and hanging out with my cousin and aunt. Sounds like a good day right...or I could go on a pub crawl, climb to the top of Big Ben, pretend like I'm King Kong and then jump in the River Thames. Nah, I'll hang out with the family.

Well, I was about the load up some pictures but it seems the computer does not agree with my camera. So...maybe back in the America? That, I promise will happen.

Now that I think of it, this blog is almost finished! I mean, how much more can I write about Europe when I'm in America? How can you follow Cyrus when he clearly has no where interesting to go? Maybe I'll start another blog...Tell me what you think.

What did you like?
More importantly, what didn't you like?
What do you want more of?
What suggestions do you have?

Tell me anything. I take criticism well. E-mail or comment! (

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Last Day

So, unofficially, today is my last day travelling. I will be flying back to London tomorrow from Berlin. Then back to the states in a few more days! And let me tell you something, Berlin is pretty awesome. Here is a list of why:

1. It is legal to drink and walk on the street

List done.

Seriously though, Berlin has a unique vibe and good food prices (which really helps since we are almost out of money) Today we saw the Berlin wall. The sybolism outweighed the actual sight of seeing it but still a noteworthy site to see. We went on a "free" walking tour of Berlin today and saw some other sights and learned a little more history. Besides London, I am not sure any other city has a richer history than this Berlin.

Sean and I have been eating footlong sasuages and mini baguettes for only 1.20. Best deal in Europe. Our new favorite food called the Durum (like an Arabic burrito), is only 2.50! We were paying 3.90 in other parts. Lovin Berlin.

After all the traveling, unexpected twists (good and bad), I will be back to my starting point. Then...AMERICA. Probably will not see my home town through the same eyes again but only in a more positive light.

Pictures will be arriving shortly.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


It has been awhile my loyal followers (all 5 of you haha)

Sean and I are currently in Berlin at the St. Christophers Inn (aka Beluchis) It's a pretty cool place especially since they have...1 EURO JAGER SHOTS! If you know me, that is like heaven upon a bar.

Munich was probably my favorite city. Not because of the architecture or the nightlife. It was the atomosphere that got me. It felt better, just the vibe I guess, than the other cities we have been.

Overall though, Barcelona takes the cake. The city was awesome but the lifestlye was 2nd to none. We saw and experienced more than we could have asked for. Barcelona has a lot of night clubs but at 12 euros a drink, we passed. Sean and I aren't night club people any way. We like to be where the people are and, on Las Ramblas (Barcelona's central street), there were loads of people.

a lil creative writing: Jump up. Jump down. Look left. Look right. Right hand up. Left hand up. Left leg up. Now your standing on your right leg and you look ridiculous.

Berlin has been interesting so far. Lots of the punk rock, I'm angry with my parents, sort of vibe. Also, everytime I look at a person who is clearly over 70, I cannot help but think they were a Nazi. NOT FUNNY, but a little chuckle will do.

I have pictures but this computer will not let me load them (Carol Kinlock) SO for now its a :o) face and a thank you for reading my blog.

Also, I lost my wallet. Yay.

Sad n Happy: Happy hour ended an hour ago. Good thing we are friends with the bartender.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The city I was most looking forward to visiting lived up to its potential. Its a mix of different cities in one big drink: 2 parts of San Fran street performers, 1 part Manhattan hustle, 2 parts architectural genius, and a splash of Barcelona flavor.

We got in Thursday night around 11 pm, checked into our hostel and enjoyed the night life, crazy street performers, and waves of people from every corner of the globe.

Friday was filled with the Barcelona market place on Las Ramblas, a Tapas cooking/eating class, and a pub crawl. Two words: Great Success.

One more night in Barcelona but this one will be a little more relaxed. Take in the beaches, see the buildings, and enjoy the openess of this beautiful city.

Travelers Tip: Italians are terrible roommates. I still like their food though.

Off to Munich next...Adios, Oui and Excuzi